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Commission:  Shantae's dance by AleximusPrime

(I just want to start this of by saying that english isn't my first language so I'm sorry if there are any errors.) This looks pretty g...

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This meme consists of listing 10 of my favourite video game music songs, it can be from the same game (You can also put many from one game in one spot) and multi-phase tracks can count as one (Examples: Plants VS Zombies 2: Jurassic Marsh Waves 1-4, Super Mario Galaxy: Enter Bowser Jr! Phase 1 & 2, etc.). You can also provide youtube links if you want.

1) Splatoon: I am Octavio, Calamari Incantation
2) Undertale: Waterfall, Another Medium, Spear of Justice, Bergentrückung + Asgore, Bring it in, guys+ Final Goodbye, Your best nightmare + Finale, Metal Crusher, Oh my + Death by Glamour, Power of NEO, Undertale, Dating Fight, Core, But the earth refused to die, Hopes and Dreams + Save the world, etc.
3) Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2: Title theme, Megaleg, Buoy base + topman's tower, Final Battle with Bowser, Final Bowser Battle.
4) Kirby: Triple Deluxe: Masked Dedede, Haunted Mansion.
5) Twilight Princess: Midna's lament, Snowpeak, Rutela's Theme, Stallord Second Half, Blizzeta Second Half, Zant Battle.
6) Mother 3: DCMC Theme, F-F-Fire, Porky's Porkies, Piggy Guys, Serious + Fate, Fight with Mecha Drago, Mr Generator Boss Battle, Strong One, Master Porky's Theme.
7) Mario  & Luigi; Dream Team: Dream Beats, The Final Antasma Battle, Never Let Up, Size Up To Your Enemy, Victory In The Dream World.
8) Donkey Kong Country 1,2, and 3: Rockface rumble, Aquatic ambience, Industrial hysteria, Mining melancholy, Hot-Head-Bop, Gears Grinding, Hot Pursuit, Lockjaw Saga, Jib Jiq.
9) Mega Man (Both classic and X) Spark Man, Wily Stage 1, Metal Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, Spark Mandrill, Flame Stag, magna centipede, MMX 1 & 2 intro stage.
10) Super Mario RPG, Forest Maze, Fight against Culex.

This was a lot harder that I thought.

I tag :iconfleurishot: :iconcandynaught: :icontaylortrap622:
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